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Brief History of Jepara

Named of Jepara comes from a word originally Tip of Mara, then Jumpara and last becomes Jepara. Jepara means a merchants settlement, which trades to all over area. According to book " New History of Tang Dynasty (618-906 M)" noting that, in the year 674 M, a man so called Yi-Tsing have visited Ho-Ling country or Kaling or Kalingga, which is also referred as Java or Japa. It is believed that the location is at Keling, in Jepara area this time. A woman so called Queen Shima leads this country. Queen Shima is very consistent and strict in leading its people.

But according to a man so called Tome Pires (a Portuguese writer), he wrote in its book " Suma Oriental", Jepara is just recognized by at 15 century ( 1470 M), as a small commerce port, which is just dwelt by 90 - 100 people and led by Aryo Timur. This reside is under governance of Demak. Later Aryo Timur was replaced by his successor, so called Pati Unus (1507-1521 M). Pati Unus tried to develop Jepara as a commerce region/city.

Pati Unus is known as very persistent king, who fought against Portuguese colonization in Malaka (as Nusantara commerce link). After Pati Unus passed away, Falatehan (his brother in-laws) was replaced him as a King (1521-1536). Then in the year 1536, Sultan Trenggono (king of Demak) delivered Jepara kingdom to his son in law, that is Prince Hadiri, the husband of Queen Retno Kencono. But in the year 1549, Aryo Penangsang in effect of coup murdered Prince Hadiri in Demak Empire, just after Sultan Trenggono passed away.

Death of people who loved made Queen Retno Kencono leaving her palace to do penance in Danaraja hill. After killing of Aryo Penangsang by Sutowijoyo, Queen Retno Kencono was getting off from seclusion and constituted to become Jepara Queen with title " NIMAS QUEEN KALINYAMAT". At her period (1549 - 1579), Jepara rapidly grow not only as the main commercial port in Jawa Island, and also as naval basis either. Queen Kalinyamat known to have anti colonization patriotism, this matter is proved with delivered of her battleship to Malaka to batter Portuguese in the year 1551 and 1574. Portuguese people gave her nicknamed as "RAINHA DE JEPARA" or "SENORA DE RICA". It means that the Queen of Jepara is very powerful and rich.

Queen Kalinyamat was also Civilized Carve Art to her people, which now become unique pledge of Jepara economics. The Carve Art of Jepara is collaborated of Majapahit Carving with Patih Bandarduwung carving that coming from Chinese.

In Relation to all of positive aspects, which have been proved by Queen Kalinyamat, so that Jepara become a prosperous country, well known and strength, hence Jepara's birthday took at her inauguration as Jepara queen, the date of 12 Rabiul awal Year 956 H, or April 10, 1549. This inauguration has been marked with Candra Sengkala " TRUS KARYA TATANING BUMI" or "Keep hard working to develop region".

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